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It was weekend when Dimitre is planning to go to Canada Wonderland with me and his daughter Louisa. So we went there and we started lining up in Tower Drop where I keep on refusing as its my first time coz I'm just new in Canada and he said to me not to worry as everything will be alright. So we rode the drop and I'm screaming as it seems I was in my last breath. ..sigh....and we took our seatbelt out as I stepped on the ground and suddenly people looking at me and there's a video on people around shouting "oh my God" without in my mind he kneeled on the ground with a ring in his hand asking "will you marry me" I felt so shocked and speechless didn't know what to say and I said yes and he put the ring on my hand and hugged me tight carried me up high. All I could say is expected the unexpected on that day.I felt so shy and ashamed as people applausing him or us ...of how he did that I dont have a clue but one thing I can sure to myself was that I am so proud to be a woman who experienced that kind of proposal and then we ended up having a nice dinner at Jack Astor's Restaurant..and now hoping  I can get a deal with a wedding dress as we have set our wedding date before this year ends.

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