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This Past Friday was our son's 4th birthday. I had a fun filled day planned that included lunch downtown, followed by a visit to the new Ripley's Aquarium and then a family dinner. My father, in-laws to be (sis included as well as his nanny) were all with us to celebrate the birthday. We spent a few hours going through the aquarium. My boyfriend said all week that he arrange to have the staff choose our son for a game while watching an exhibit/show, so we had to be there for 3:15. I was just going along with him wanting to be able to participate as the birthday boy. When the time came, the staff asked our son to stand up with an adult (daddy went as I take the pics haha) to answer a few questions and then gave him a prize, and then they asked for another adult, to come up and play another game. My bf begged me to take part, even though I was so nervous and did not want to take part at all (there were about 80 people watching), I stood up. The staff explained that we were going to play a game of charade's and that I had to stand with my back to the sting ray tank while he tried to explain what the diver in the tank was doing. After a couple minutes of him doing this and a lot of cheering from the crowd around us, he gave up and told me to see for myself. At this time I had to double take the huge sign that the diver was holding that read " WILL YOU MARRY ME" on it. I was NOT expecting this to happen, I was in complete shock and overwhelmed with happy tears! I am so glad that our family members were there with us to see and to take pictures and video of this special moment. I tear up every time I re-play it. It was such a special day having our son's forth birthday and spending it with the people that mean a lot to us, this was just a perfect moment that I will cherish forever! He had everything planned and completely took me by surprise- which is often hard to do! He did well! And I waited so long and patiently for this time to come- I obviously said YES!

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