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Around 4 years ago, Fane and I really got to know each other while doing a sketch comedy show. We're both actors, and I first met him at an audition for "Asian People" (Yes, that's a thing). I always thought he was a good looking guy, but I assumed he was too good looking to be interesting. It was through this sketch comedy show - "The Darin Joes" - that I saw what was inside. I realized how funny, and silly and nerdy he actually was. And warm and loving and generous and yes…still ridiculously good looking.

The little theatre where we first performed sketch comedy together is no longer a theatre, but now a shop for handmade Christmas ornaments…a part of the Vancouver Christmas Market! The shop was beautifully decorated with lights and bright vibrant colours from all the ornaments.

It was a cold winter night (by Vancouver standards) and Fane had some trouble getting me out of the house. I refused to change out of my sweatpants! After much begging and pleading, he finally convinced me to take a walk with him to the Christmas Market. How did he do it? He promised to buy me a warm giant pretzel. Little did I know, he had much bigger things planned...

Fane was being extra cuddly and kissy that night at the market. I had no idea why. (Was there something in that pretzel?) He was actually posing for pictures! I had no clue, but he had a photographer following us around the whole time! Paparazzi style!

We get to a corner of the theatre/shop and he tells me to look at a specific ornament. "I might get that one for my mom. Look closer!" So I do. When I turn back around he's on the ground holding something red. "Oh no. Did you drop an expensive Christmas ornament?" I thought. He opens the red box. It's a ring. Then I see his face. Everything else was a blur. Apparently there were flashes from cameras going off and people cheering. I didn't notice any of that. It was just me and my fiance.

Glad I decided to brave the cold that night. We're making it a tradition to back to the Vancouver Christmas Market every year.  Oh yes, and I never changed out of my sweatpants.

For the whole story and to see the paparazzi pictures of this awesome proposal go here:

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