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 Ivan and I frequently visit a particular restaurant (he also does contract work for them as their technician) he had picked me up and said that we would be go there for dinner.

When I got there, there were roses on the table and the waitress had mentioned that it was "date night" He had already arranged the menu to be changed to a Date Night special with all my favorite things being half off (I am in a Master's program and really tight with money). Therefore loved to have been able to order my favorite food at half off. We stayed there and chatted for a bit, the waitress then came by and said that their sound system was down and needed his support. I thought nothing of it since this has occurred in past incidents. He was gone for about 15 minutes and I slowly started getting suspicious, as the waitress was not approaching me. When he came back, about 10 minutes later, the waitress said that the roses were for a different couple and they didn’t want to sit there anymore. I was so UPSET that he couldn’t think to buy roses for a date night! On our way out he wanted to stop in a private room, when he opened the room, the room was filled with candles and roses, we sat down and he said he wanted to make me feel special since he knew I was stressed with working fulltime and doing a full-time Masters program.

He offered me to gifts (OFCOURSE Now I thought he was going to propose, but he was very sneaky)

In the first bag that he gave to me was a couple's blanket, I was a bit disappointed, than he gave me a second bag to open (I thought my ring was in this one) when I opened it up, it was a mug with teddy bears and chocolate. 

At this point I was upset, irate, thought he chickened out and wanted to leave. He started to look around the room, for something else, at this point I just wanted to leave, than he found 3 long stem roses and asked me to sit back down to tell me about them. 

He began to say that the first rose - symbolized our past, the second our present and then he came around and got down on one knee and said he wanted me to make him the luckiest man and be his wife. In the third rose was attached my engagement ring. After he proposed the waitress came in with champagne and his aunt and cousin (who were sitting there for 3 hours came in to take our engagement photos). We all toasted and enjoyed the moment in the beautiful room

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